06 July 2012 - Banking services exclusively to high net worth individuals. Many financial services firms require a person or family to have a certain minimum net worth to qualify for private banking services.

25 June 2012 - Feedback Statement - Proposed Minimum Requirements on Customer Complaints Procedures.

01 June 2012 - More personal services, such as wealth management and tax planning, than normal retail banks.


Intermediation or advisory services

NatWest Investments assits brokers (private client services) and discount brokers. Stock brokers assist investors in buying or selling shares. Primarily internet-based companies are often referred to as discount brokerages, although many now have branch offices to assist clients. These brokerages primarily target individual investors. Full service and private client firms primarily assist and execute trades for clients with large amounts of capital to invest, such as large companies, wealthy individuals, and investment management funds.


Bank Debt resolution

NatWest Investments offers is a consumer service known as Bank Debt resolution that assists individuals that have too much debt to pay off as requested, but do not want to file bankruptcy and wish to payoff their debts owed.

This debt can be accrued in various ways including but not limited to personal loans, credit cards or in some cases merchant accounts. There are many services/companies that can assist with this. These can include debt consolidation, debt settlement and refinancing.


Private equity

NatWest Investments offers Private equity funds which are typically closed-end funds, which usually take controlling equity stakes in businesses that are either private, or taken private once acquired.

Private equity funds often use leveraged buyouts (LBOs) to acquire the firms in which they invest. The most successful private equity funds can generate returns significantly higher than provided by the equity markets.



A financial services is newly introduced NatWest Investments that is active in more than one sector of the financial services market e.g. life insurance, general insurance, health insurance, asset management, retail banking, wholesale banking, investment banking, etc. A key rationale for the existence of such businesses is the existence of diversification benefits that are present when different types of businesses are aggregated i.e. bad things don't always happen at the same time. As a consequence, economic capital for a conglomerate is usually substantially less than economic capital is for the sum of its parts.



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